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Friday, October 26, 2007

Uncle Hobo Ashworth

In this photo,sitting is Minnie Ashworth Droddy, behind L to R Rufus Edward "Buster", Lexlie "Hobo" and Charlie Ashworth.
My GG Uncle was known by all as Hobo. His real name was Lexlie Ashworth. He was born 6/10/1892 and died 6/5/1974.He was the third child of Amos Owen Ashworth and Mary Heard.
He had the calling as they say from a young age to be a preacher. He was a Pentecostal preacher as was his son Homer and Grandson Samuel "Sambo" Ashworth. Three of the most honest, God loving men, I've had the honor of knowing.I remember him well.
One thing I was told, showed me just how dedicated he was to his faith and his Lord. He was working, "Logging", around Merryville, La. and staying in a logging camp there. After he had worked all day logging, on Wednesdays, he would clean up and eat. He then would walk to Singer, La. The distance from Merryville to Singer is 10 miles. This time period I am talking about was between 1910 and 1920.
He would preach that night, then walk back to Merryville that night and go to work the next day. He would make the same trip on Fridays. He would preach that night then walk on to his home on Bearhead a distance of four to five miles. Then walk from Bearhead to Singer and back again on Saturdays and Sundays and after the service Sunday night , he'd walked back to Merryville again that night to be ready for the next work day.
When the church was in Revival back then. I can remember as a child when a revival would last 4 to 6 weeks. Seven nights a week for weeks on end. He still did this during those times as well.
I imagine there wouldn't be many in this day and age to do such a thing. As my ancestors use to say. We have all just gotten to soft.

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