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Monday, October 22, 2007

Maw {Aunt Lone}

The greatest thing I hope to accomplish with this blog, is not only being able to tell you of my ancestors and their stories, but also in doing so, With photos you will be able to see just who I m speaking of and what they looked liked. It makes all the difference in the world as far as getting to know someone you never met.
The lady in the photo is my Great Grandmother. Here name was Lonie Perkins Ashworth. She was born 6/8/1891 died 11/23/1974. She was the daughter of Jousha {Josh} Perkins and Elizabeth Manerva Perkins. Elizabeth was know to everyone as Granny Bet. Lonie was known to everyone as Aunt Lone. To all her Grand kids and Great Grand kids, she was merely Maw Maw to us.
I was so blessed by God and honored beyond belief to have known her for the first sixteen years of my life. There is of course the love I have for my mother. The love for my wife. Along with my sisters, Grand parents and all other family members. There are all different levels of love with them. But with Maw, the level of love there has never been match again in my life by anyone.
I would be sitting here for days, typing and describing just what I was taught by this lady. So I will be talking about Maw a lot through the days and months to come. Just in writing these few words about her it has brought smiles and out right laughter along with tears of joy. Tears, that I thought as a grown man I never would shed. Sort of took me by surprise, but in thinking, it just shows me that even though she has been gone for the last thirty three years, she still has and commands such a hold on my spirit and my life.

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Curt Iles said...

Terry- I love the picture of your great-grandmother. I can just see the love and life in her.

Our ancestors are such a blessing, aren't they?

Keep writing and sharing.

Curt Iles