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Friday, October 26, 2007

There Goes The Twins

These two are my favorite two to write about, Collis and Collin Clark. They were something else. When ever you seen them coming, you knew there was going to be plenty of fun.
Someone once asked me how I would describe them? I thought a second and said I would put them on the same level as Red Skelton. The famous comedian in the 1940,50's,60's. They were for ever telling some kind of a joke or pulling a prank. I never ever knew of the two hurting anyone person. They worked hard and played even harder. The love rabbit hunting and the beagle hounds they used to run the rabbits. They also loved to fish and cook.
Here is one of the funniest stories everyone use to tell on them. They were having a dance in De Ridder, La. on Saturday night and the twins had missed their ride to the dance. They were sitting in Singer, La. in front of Mr. Grants old store having a few swigs from a bottle, and they heard the train coming. It was going through Singer to De Ridder. A distance of some 16 miles.
They both said, there is our ride to the dance. A ride back tonight will be no problem. Because there was always some one from the Singer/Bearhead area at all the dances. So they jumped up and hi-tailed it across the road to the rail road tracts. They ran along beside the train and finally caught on to an open top box car. It was just turning good and dark at this time. Well they climbed up and over the top of the rail car and dropped down into the rail car.They said as their luck would have it, the bottom of the of the rail car was out, so they wound up running all the way to De Ridder!!! HHa

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