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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still Correcting Lies

While I have been looking forward to my very first post here at my new site. It is rather sad I am still having to correct and post my proof to a number of lies that is being assembled and posted daily about my cousin and I concerning the history of our people. Our people have been labeled "Redbones, The Mysterious People of Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas". More on their history and endeavors of trying to live an isolated life later.
This last weekend, Oct. 18, 19, 20Th. Another organization by the name of the Redbone Hertiage Foundation held a research conference at the library on Pujo st. in Lake Charles. While they do have elected officer and other elected members . Most of the lies and misinformation from this group is put out by Stacy Webb, President, Gary J. Gabehart and Alvie Walts.
To list just what unstable messages, taken out of context comments, half truths and misleading suggestions they have written, posted, adding to the list rumors started with no proof or foundation of any support for them, in just the last five months would take hours if not a couple of days of any ones precious time to prove them wrong with mountains of evidence to support ever dam lie or vicious rumor they have started.
Here are just a couple of the statements they have made lately to show you how they work. Here is one by Gabe Gabehart about the conference that took place the last three days.
Gabe makes it sound as though there were serious enough threats made by someone, that prompted the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff dept. to post armed guards.
The truth is below, in a letter that I received from Mrs Ursula Jones, Associate Director, Calcasieu Parish Library about the matter of security at all libraries in Calcasieu Parish. She states below.

Thank you for bringing the information concerning the Redbone Heritage Foundation Conference to our attention.
On the matter of the "law enforcement personnel" on hand - The Library does employ Sheriff deputies to provide security for the public and the staff; however they are hired by the Library, and they are governed by the instructions the Library gives them.
Ursula Jones, Associate Director Human Resources and Adult Programming Calcasieu Parish Public Library 301 W Claude Street.

Gabe also had put the following out about pre paying or paying dues or fees at the door. Along with the statement that seating was limited.
Once again, the truth from Mrs Jones is as follows.

We have contacted the group that booked the room and reviewed our meeting room policies with them. They have agreed to follow the Library's meeting room policies removing all publicity information related to registration fees, selling of books, etc.
In addition, any meeting held in one of our library meeting rooms is considered "open to the public". That means anyone has a right to attend the meeting.

My friends this is just a start. There will be many, many more lies and half truths that will be exposed here and proven here. What really makes this so fun and funny as hell exposing these folks. Is this, most of the proof I use to do this, comes from there own lying lips.Stay tuned.
Along with that I also will be adding old family stories and photos along with just what life was like growing up on Bearhead and being raised by my ancestors , The Redbones of Southwest Louisiana.
Note To Stacy & Gabe. Stacy, nice wig, but it didn't work!! HHaaa Gabe, tell Peggy hello and I am so sorry for missing her birthday Sept 17Th this yr. Just busy I guess.

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