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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Twins & The Twist

Back in the mid sixties, Rock and Roll was going strong. There was a very famous song that had a dance along with it by the same name. The record and dance both was made popular by a singer by the name of Chubby Checkers. All the younger people were doing the dance. I am sure most everyone recalls that song and dance.
Even though the Twins [Collis & Collin Clark} were a lot older than the teens in that day. They wanted to keep up with the new things that the younger kids were doing .
The Twins were in Dequincy most of the day that Saturday, drinking a few beers and visitings with their friends. They always drove a maroon looking Ranchero. They also carried their rabbit hounds with them most every where they went and I mean every where. I do not recall who was with them that day. But they had a driver with them. They decided to head back to Singer. The distance from Dequincy to Singer is around fifteen miles.
Along the way, that very song {The Twist} came on the radio.
They preceded to argue who was the best twister [Dancer} out of the two of them. Well arguing wasn't going to settle anything. Nope, that just wouldn't do it for the twins. They had had just enough beers in town, to settle this along side of the road, They got out of the truck and here they went. They started Twisting up a storm. Can you just picture that. Two men about fifty years old, drinking, with a driver and a truck full of rabbit hounds on the side of the road just Twisting up a storm.!!!HHAA That wasn't the only funny part of this story.
The funny thing was this, when that song ended, they had the driver judge the contest. The driver would tell them just which one had done the best job dancing. After they had loaded back into the truck and headed out for Singer again. After about two minutes of driving they would start arguing again about who had won the contest. It didn't matter who the driver sided with, the other one would claim he was cheated. So the only fitting thing to do was stop and have another go at it. When another song started up on the radio {Didn't Matter What Song Or Type}, they would twist to it. Then the same thing would happen again and again. They just had to stop and twist some more. HHaa!!!
People say it took them almost three hours to go just fifteen miles.
I can testify to this story. My mother, my sisters and I, had been to Dequincy that morning and on the way back home. We passed these three doing just what I've described here. That was one of the funniest sights I can remembering seeing. My two boyhood hero's on the side of the road doing "THE TWIST"

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