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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Naming of Singer, Louisiana

I am sure there are lots of stories about how Singer, La. and other local towns and communities got their names.
This one is what I was told by my father and G Grandmother about the naming of Singer.
Most folks know that the railroad had a very tremendous part in most towns around here being started. A few towns and communities are still here to this day. Then others never materialize.
They say one day when the train was passing through what is now Singer, La today, it was pulling a rail car full of Singer Sewing Machines. One of these crates fell off the train and busted into may pieces. The name Singer was printed on the outside of the wooden boxes, this was the only piece of the crate that wasn't broken into many pieces. As legend has it, someone pick that piece up and nailed it to a tree and it's been called Singer ever since.

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Maxine Havens said...

Terry, I remember most of the people that you have in your blogs. My Twin sister, Maureen and my younger sister Marilyn, were raised in the Pentecost church at Singer, so we remember the story about Aunt Lone and Bro. Homer. I remember Bro Homer shouting and running out the side door and coming back up the aisle through the front door. I played the piano at the Singer church from the time I was 10 years old ( I played the wedding music for Geraldine and Brownie's wedding when I was about 10 or 11.) until my mom Roberta ( who was the pianist) decided we move to the Smokey Cove church. That is where my husband Steve Havens and I were married. So much for my thoughts.... But I will be reading more of your blogs, as this is such good memories for me. Richard Earl rode the same bus as me and there's a lot of memories there also since he married my first cousin, Unita Ruth Baggett....See we're all connected somehow. Keep up the good work.
Maxine Baggett Havens