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Friday, October 26, 2007

Have You Whipped Your Okra Latley?

When this story bubbled up from the depths of my mind. At first, I said this has got to have been a joke. But I checked with my Grand Mother Estelle and sure enough, the old timers really did this and it worked then and it still works to this day.
My G Grand Mother ,{ Maw}, was known for doing this. She passed the info on to all who would listen. I'm just guessing that it is an old wives tale.
Every once in a while, when a person would plant their garden. One of the things almost everyone planted,was okra. Sometimes the Okra would make a beautiful plant, but never would bloom or put on okra.
Maw told every one who had this problem at one time or another. The way to make the Okra put on blooms and produce, was this. Maw would go and cut her a switch, and she walk through through the okra patch and just whip the hell out of that okra.
When she got through whipping the okra it would look like a shredder had went threw that patch of okra. She would whip that okra like nothing you ever seen. But low and behold, sure enough,the okra would put on blooms and produce like crazy. Sounds odd as anything, but it does work. Try it and see.

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