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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Twins & The World Vamous Violin Player

This story is of two of the funniest people I ever knew in my life. Talk about practical jokers. These two were the best. Their names wee Collis and Collin Clark. Everyone who knew them, just called the {The Twins}. They were identical twins until the day they died. They were very hard to tell apart.
I tell everyone they were my boyhood hero's. They lived life to the fullest and loved ever minute of it.
Back in the day as the older people would say, They had traveling music shows. That made there way through the south putting on shows where ever they were able to.
These shows included such folks as Ernest Tubbs, Kitty Wells and other who were just getting into the music business. {I am not saying those two ever put on a show in Singer} this is just an example of the type of entertainers who wasn't famous at all, at that day and time and who would be putting these shows on.
When a group stopped and put a show on in Singer, the show was usually held at the Singer High School auditorium. A week or so before the show, There would be fliers posted through the communities advertising who would be in the show, cost of admission, time, dates and such information as that. The shows would feature mostly Country and Gospel music. Most of the artist were just starting out and would play anywhere they could to get noticed. The cost of the show would be anywhere between twenty-five cents to seventy-five cents. The next show was set for the next Saturday night at the school. The main attraction on this show, "Was a man, whose name no one remembers", who was suppose to be a world famous Violin Player. Boy, when the Twins heard of this, they were excited. They had never seen or heard of anyone who was "World Famous" anything. Saturday, the night of the show finally arrived and they were all set to go to the show. So, off they went. The show went on as planned.
The next morning, when everyone was up and having there coffee. Some one asked the Twins how the show went and did the World Famous Violin player live up to his billing ? They replied the show went well, except for the World Famous Violin player. Everyone asked them, what happen to his part of the show. They asked did he even show up ? The said Oh Yes, he showed up, but all that fool did was play a "FIDDLE" all night long. He never did play a dam violin. HHHHAAAA

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