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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Whipping I Didn't Deserve

I had forgotten about this accident I had as a child, until a few weeks back. My wife and I were at my Grand Mother Estelle's house, and my Uncle Knot, a very close family friend, Willie and my grandmother was swapping old stories and things that had happen to us through the years. The subject of whippings came up and I stated that I had received many in my childhood and deserved everyone of them. That is when Uncle Knot said you are wrong, there is one I know you never deserved. Once he recalled the event, I had to agree with him. This is the event that happen.
When my G Grand Father died, he owned,I believe a 1956 Chevy pick up. My father was given the truck. The truck was still in great shape and my father and mother used it to go every where. My father was offshore working, on this particular morning my mother loaded me and my three sisters into the truck and headed over to Maws for coffee. I must have been about five at the time.
There was one defect with the truck, and that was the passenger door had a very bad habit of coming open with out notice. The very first thing we were told when we got in the truck to leave, was not to lean on that passenger door.
We made the one mile trip to Maws alright, it was on the way back home that things didn't go to well. To get home you had to make a left handed turn on to our road which was off of the North Bearhead Road. As usual I was riding shotgun, sitting next to the passenger door, NEXT TO IT, NOT LEANING ON IT" when my mother made the left turn. All of a sudden that door came open right in the middle of the turn and away I went. And away I did go, right into the gravel, head first, into the ditch, butt first, all this happening during about four head over heels rolls and landed across the ditch in some weeds on my back. The next thing I knew, I felt as if I had been body slammed by the "Junk Yard Dog" Couldn't hear anything, saw nothing but stars, had a mouth full of rock and dirt. Which I must say, to this day I have never developed a taste for. The first thing I realized was my mother was screaming bloody murder hollering OH My Lord He's Dead. I didn't realize at that moment,that in the end I would wish I had been killed or seriously injured.
She ran and picked me up and put me in the truck and took off like the much spoken of "Bat out of Hell", for my Grand mothers house to see if I could be revived. At this point, I gotten my senses back and was only concerned about one thing, and that was breathing. That little tumble I had taken, knocked the breath out of me. That happen a lot to use kids back then.
Between the end of the road and my Grandmothers house I had regained my breath and was crying my butt off. My mother scooped me up out of the truck and went running into my Grand Mothers house. Thinking maybe that I was killed. My mother and Grand Mother Estelle looked me over and there wasn't anything seriously wrong, other than some scrapes, cuts,bruises and a mouth full of tasteless dirt.
I had stopped crying by that time. Once my mother seen I wasn't hurt to bad, she was relived, then in a split sec. she jerked me up and tore my ass up and good. Ha While whipping my butt , she was scolding me at the same time for leaning on that door. I tried to tell her I wasn't leaning on that door, but she wouldn't hear any of that.
Now that was a whipping I did not deserve.!! I recently brought this story up to her and we still disagree about the leaning and not leaning part. Still I know very well I wasn't leaning on that door!!

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