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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Twins In Kinder, La.

AAAHHHH my very favorite two nuts to write about, "The Twins". They had a brother named Mack Clark. He was my Great Uncle.
One day there was a bunch of us bailing hay. Uncle Mack was one of the tractor drivers bailing the hay. We had gotten the trailer loaded and was headed to the barn with it, when he called me over and told me to stay with him. He felt I was doing way more of than my share of the work, he said stay here with me and lets those lazy ones go unload that hay and stack it in the barn. He began telling me stories about different things and different people. Most of the stories were funny as anything I had ever heard up to that point in my life and I still treasure them to this day.
He started telling me, one day he was sitting at home and the phone rang. He answered it and a man on the other end asked him if he was Mack Clark? He replied that he was. He asked the man what he needed? The man told him that he was the chief of Police In Kinder, Louisiana. He wanted to know if he had two brothers named Collis and Collin Clark? He replied that he did.
Uncle Mack said all of a sudden he heard a loud commotion in the back ground. It was The Twins, hollering at their Beagle hounds. They used these dogs to hunt rabbits and during rabbit season they took those dogs ever where with them. They gave the dogs funny names like "Whiskey", "Outlaw", "Cobalt", "Half Pint", they were hollering at the dogs saying, "Getem, sic him boy, Trail him boy".
The Chief told Uncle Mack that The Twins was parked off of the highway on a old woods road sleeping and someone had reported them. When the cops got there they seen that The Twins had had a few beers. They couldn't do anything about them drinking and driving, for they were off the road and on a woods road. Thank the Lord they were good about that. Once they had to much to drink, if they were not close to home, they would pull off into the woods and sleep it off. The officer told them they could not drive, but they would have to take them to the jail and call someone to come and get them. The Twins said that was fine with them. They then proceeded to get out and unload their dogs in order to take them with them. They were not about to go off and leave those dogs.
Well as you may have guessed, when Uncle Mack got there they had The twins in one jail cell and the dogs in another one.!!HA Uncle Mack said that was of the funniest sights he had ever seen.
What was so funny about this happening is this, when Uncle Mack was talking with the Chief on the phone he asked the Chief what it would cost to get them out of jail? The Chief replied, NOT A DAM THING, "JUST COME AND GET THEM AND THESE DAM DOGS"! They are driving me and everyone else here crazy with these dogs. Ha
I still grin from ear to ear when ever I think of that tale. Fits those two to a T as they say.

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