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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Free Cokes

In Beauregard Parish ever year the have the parish fair, usually in October. Everyone got out of school for one day, Usually a Friday to go to the fair. That was a big day for everyone back then. The school buses would even pick you up and and take you to the fair, if you didn't have a way to get there.
The very first time I remember going on the bus by myself I was about nine years old, my Mother said, here is you spending money. She said not to blow it all at once, because I had to make it last the whole day. She then gave me three dollars!!. "Boy", I had a pocket full of money with that three dollars.
During the trip to the fair that day, along with that three dollars burning a hole in my pocket, I day dreamed all the way there. I could just see it now. Money, girls, food, rides and games. I learned fast, that only happens in Hollywood. In one hour it went from, money, girls, foods, rides and games, to broke, hungry, no money no ride, and the girls disappeared as fast as the money and the only game left then, was playing the waiting game sitting on the school bus waiting for the day to pass.
At the end of the day, was the main event and better yet, it was free.The buses took everyone up town for the big fair parade. Everyone, men, women and kids of all ages would gather up along the highway in front of the court house in De Ridder to watch the parade. It was always a great parade. But the main attraction every year, was a State Trooper riding his motorcycle. He was always the last one in the parade. He made the show as they say. He could do any kind of trick riding there was, that one could imagine. His best ride was where he would come down the street standing up on his motorcycle, with his arms stretched straight out to his sides and he would weave side to side.
It just happen that as he was finishing his show. Traffic started pulling out into the street, everyone was heading home. There just happen to be a coke/cola truck that was in a hurry to get to their plant in town and he had no intention of waiting for the crowd to clear. He pulled the coke truck right in behind the State Trooper. Something happen up the road. The traffic stopped for about 1/2 minute. Before it started moving again, someone in the crowed hollered "FREE COKES". Brother, let me tell you something, that poor coke truck looked like a dying elephant with 800 buzzards descending on it, as the crowd converged on it taking ever coke they could get their hands on..
There was people running in ever direction with cokes. Cases of cokes, Big bottles of cokes, six pack of bottle cokes, wooden coke crates loaded with cokes. HHaaa There wasn't much left of the truck when all was said and done.

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