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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Silence is Broken

Yes folks, The silence was broken today by the RHF, or yet one of its spokesperson, Gary J. Gabehart. As usual, with his method of operating, it consist of just three things. Lies, name calling and what great progress the RHF has made lately with leaps and bounds.
A cousin and friend on mine, L.V. Hayes has a fitting name for that group. The RHF by there thinking, claim it stands for Redbone Heritage Foundation. L.V. refers to them as the Rage and Hate Foundation. Which is a very descriptive name for them.
After their last show that was put on in Lake Charles, La. A new name may be emerging and taking shape for them. It seems to fit them well. It is the {Repeat, Hide and Fabricate}.
In his usual way of writing, old gabe will pick out one to attack, one to call names and then he does his own version of what he saw through his diabetic eyes. In this post, the first one was Larry Keels. Larry is Larry, he is human like all of us. Just a little hooked on words. What ever it is between these two, ya'll have at it.
Then I was next, he stated I gleefully supplied false information to the Calcasieu Parish Library. Did I gleefully supply false information to the Calcasieu Parish Library? Why No. Did I gleefully supply information to the Calcasieu Parish Library about certain things ole gabe and stacy wrote about and bragged about on their own blog and the RHF web site. Written by them, posted by them and information supplied by them. Did I also ask about the Library rules of renting and using meeting rooms at the Library, fees charged, people being turned away and doors being lock, products sold and orders taken for future delivery. Again just as ole gabe and stacy wrote and said. YOU DAM RIGHT I DID. Period.
The great people of Calcasieu & Beauregard Parish have Laws and RULES we must live by and follow. Your bunch is no exception. PERIOD
He states that RHF officials said the meeting was a success. For some people, if just one person attends, in their eyes it would be a success. He also states he was told a number of folks joined the RHF. gabe you should know for sure. You were there, weren't you? But then the number 1 is a number of people. Maybe that was the one you talked to about me. Again don't you know.
One last thing. If I hear about the security, law enforcement officers, shadowed officers one more time. I just don't know if I can laugh anymore.
As far as the law enforcement and number of folks there and who asked for the protection. This can be answered very easily. Call the library and ask. But before you do that, go back and read ole gabe and stacy post and you will see where sometime back they were bragging about the security they would have there and just how folks would be taken care of. Better hurry up and read it. They seem to have a fine stock of white out at the RHF.
Folks,that library is a public body, records must be kept and they are open for the public to see. Read their policy, security is provided by the library and no one else. The only people who can ask for it is the group holding the meetings. And the library itself. Period

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