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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Raleigh, Gladys & Granny Bet Perkins {House Moving}

Can you imagine that when you decide to move to a new home place, that you would have to be moving the entire house. With a moving crew of just a man and two women with a horse drawn wagon for transportation. Then accomplishing this feat in just a day or a day and a half?
This was accomplished not once, but several times by Gladys, Raleigh and Granny Bet Perkins. Gladys was married to Raleigh Perkins and Granny Bet lived with them for some time. Gladys mother was Mandy "Aunt Tent" Perkins. How she got that nickname, no one in the family seems to know, forever being lost to time. These three were known for one amazing feat.
The way a lot of folks lived back then was this way. This method of moving and living were one wished to was called {Squatting}. In other words they just put up a house on any piece of land they desired. When they tired of that place, they would find a new spot dismantle the house load it in the wagon and move on to the next new home sight.
What these three were so good at was moving. I do not mean just there belongings. I mean the house and everything in it. This is hard to believe, but they could dismantle the house, load it in a wagon and move it and put it back together in about a day. In those days my Grand Mother told me that almost ever home back then would have cracks an inch wide in the floors and the walls. When it turned cold, they would stuff any type of paper into the cracks to help keep the cold air out. News papers was also a very popular item they used for wall paper also in those days.
Why they built them with cracks that large, I don't know. Granny Estelle said that was just the way they did things. There are six people in my family still living that seen these three do this time and again. So I have no doubt, they accomplished this feat every time it was done.

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