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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Site!! {Redbone Graveyards}

Just got a new site up and running. Here is a brief story of how this site came about.
Back in August of 2006, after a lot of thought and discussions with my wife and others. We decided to start a new genealogy project. We purchased a digital camera. What we had planned was to photograph all of the cemeteries in our area {Beauregard & Calcasieu Parishes} that had not only a few cousins buried there, but generation and generations of our cousins and friends called Redbones. Most of these cemeteries are considered Redbone cemeteries.
We started with one of the oldest cemetery and also our family cemetery. That is Goodhope Baptist Church and Cemetery. It is located on highway 109, just south of present day Singer, La.
We photographed every headstone and military marker in these cemeteries that could be read. Also the ones, where one was not able to be read the marker by just looking at it. With the aid of the new digital cameras and home PC. In most cases you are able to make out a name and the dates.
So off we set on our new project. To date we have photographed over 50 cemeteries and amassed in the neighborhood of 22,000 photos.
We haven't been able to do many lately because of other projects. We hope to return to the project by the spring.
Here is where you can see all the photos for free. No charge. If someone would be interested in obtaining a CD with the complete cemetery they want to have, they are available. Just e-mail me at my contact address. I hope you all enjoy.
One last thing. We have almost completed Beauregard Parish. The only ones done in Calcasieu are around Starks, Toomey, Big Woods, Vinton, Dequincy. Also there are a few taken in Allen and Vernon parishes. We will be adding a lot more of the last two parishes when we resume of project. Watch for announcements.
The link to the new site is at the top right of this page. We call our project "Gravehoppers". Specializing in Redbone Cemeteries.
If for some reason the link on this page fails, the site is at smugmug.com Once there just type in Gravehoppers in search. That will pull them up.Or you can use the url address, http://Gravehoppers.smugmug.com.
Hope You Enjoy, Terry Jackson

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