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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bloviating Gabe

Just like clock work, ole gabe had another go at me again. It seems that during his last bout with what ever sickness he had, he may have been deprived of oxygen for to long or he has just turned into a very bitter old man.
In addressing his latest bloviating tirade, once again I will use his own words and writings to prove him to be a liar once again.
He needs to learn one thing. It is a very simple fact. "WORDS MEANS THINGS". In one of my post I stated this "Gabe, tell Peggy hello and I am so sorry for missing her birthday Sept 17Th this yr. Just busy I guess." In his latest post he said that, by me saying this, that I had the Gaul to threaten him and his wife. gabe please point out in that statement just where the word "THREATEN" is located.HHHMMMM Just by doing some homework, I just happen to discover that information. As I have done countless time through out my life to people I have been introduced to and at the same time was told that, that day was their birthday, I have wished them a happy birthday. Just common courtesy. That's just the way I was raised.
On your next statement about the three cousins and all three wives benign name Peggy. That's true, But all three Peggy's don't have the same birthday. You then ask, what my point is, I believe you used the term "Showing My Ass". No, my point is this, I was taught when doing investigations, do it well enough that when you are through, you know more about the one you are investigating, than they know about themselves. That is my point.
He goes on to say, "I was the type who would make fun of another persons medical condition" just by saying two words, "diabetic eyes". If that is so gabe, move over, you and I are in the same club then. Folks go back and read his own words about poking fun about another person medical condition. Not once, but many, many times. I guess that also makes you two faced and a hipocret.
The last thing I want to address is the statement ole gabe made about me and it is this, "Terry is a liar!" . He is talking about the following statement I made in an posting of mine. It is as follows, "I cut off no cousins. No matter how much I may disagree with and argue with any of them. People that know me, know one thing beyond a doubt about me when it comes to family and cousins It does not matter if you are my 1st cousin or my 2001 st cousin. You are my family no matter what and no matter how big our differences are. Period".
What he is referring to is that he and I are cousin. I assumes, by what I write about him and his posting and our disagreements, he feels I have cut him off as a cousin. No where have I ever said or referred to such a thing about that. Period.
Once again, he is proven wrong and most of it by his own words. After all that bloviating by him, it all boils down to one thing, Childish name calling, as it has always been through out all his writings. Just go read his blog. I encourage you to.
gabe you are so right, you can not chose your family. I agree totally. I will also state as you did in your closing paragraph about me , this is the last time I will waste my time on ole gabe. I have many other things to do which is of greater importance that I need to get on with. The very first one, which is "THROWING UP"

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Mystic town Mayor said...

Nice Blog,
Ya'll ever go up to the Singings at old Goo Windoms place? That was a blast growen up around that, they would sing most of the night until they were well topped Off, then the fighten began.
I really enjoy your stories, keep um up.