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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Evans Ashworth {The Race Is On}

This man died well before my time. I grew up hearing some stories about him. But the one that I remember best is this one. First let me say, I believe this is nothing but the truth about him. The reason for that is that my Great Grandmother knew this man well and so did Elbert Mcloud. So there is first had account of this. Evans was known for his speed. That man could out run anything at any distance. People said ever since he was able to walk, he ran ever where. No matter where he went, he ran.
Back in his day as they say. At least once a month families would gather at a certain house and the would cook all day and dance at night. During the day while the cooking was going own, there were many contest held to see who was better than any one else at something. One of the events was racing horses. This is where Evans was at his best, he would race the horses and there riders. It was said when he was grown he still ran ever where. He had even taken to caring a quirt "horse whip", They say when he ran he would actually whip his self to make him run faster.
The horse race back then was ran this way. You lined up on the starting line, someone would fire a shot into the air to start the race. The first thing you had to do was turn your horse in a complete circle around a post in the ground, then take off. It took a second or two to get the horse turned around and then take off. All Evans had to do was spin around on one foot and take off. When they reached the other end, they had to slow down in order to circle the post at the other end of the race track. Evans would place his arm out in a cloths line fashion in order to hook the post with that arm. His feet would come up off the ground as he was spun around that post with his arm. Once around the post, his feet would hit the ground running. Never once losing his speed or his lead over the other man and the horse They say he was hardly ever beaten in a race.

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Houston said...

Terry, your writing style is coming a long nicely. Good telling of this story. I'm proud of you, cuz!